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Zurich, Switzerland, 14 July 2021

Strategic Swiss Partners (SSP) is pleased to announce the launch of SSP Sports.

Pioneering partnerships and creating new possibilities, it is in our veins. Our track record of building credible and genuine partnerships speaks for itself. SSP’s new business unit strengthens its focus on sports, including e-sports, related acquisition of events, consultancy, management and operational services and to ignite new possibilities through unrivalled access, connecting Europe and Asia (China).

SSP Sports will be manned by a dedicated team with offices in Zurich and Shanghai, headed by Markus Helbling, Managing Partner of SSP Switzerland.

“With our expertise, the vast network of partners in Europe, Middle East and Asia, and local teams, we are able to offer our services, including marketing and sponsorship, to create unforgettable experiences and bring sporting events to a wider audience and participants,” explains Markus.

Sports in China.

SSP China President Mrs Sylvie Zhou says there are big plans to put China on the map as an international sports destination: “The demand for sports activities and events keeps growing and many cities and companies in China want to position themselves with local, national and international sport events.” SSP Sports will also venture out organising and promoting entertainment, lifestyle, and cultural events.

Since hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics, China has sought to transition into a world sport leader by changing its focus to more public-oriented sporting events and programming.

Moreover, the success of the US market-based sports culture on the international sporting stage and the rise of obesity in China inspired the country to take new action.

Beijing has come out with the now-famous policy document “Number 46” which, set in place, plans to create the world’s largest sporting industry by the year 2025 in the hopes of mobilizing a more active population and fan base for local teams.

Recovery for the sports business is forecast for 2022 to 2023, as soon as events will be possible again in a more normal form and under less restrictive hygiene regulations.

For further information:

Markus Helbling, Managing Partner, SSP Sports

Phone: +41 79 328 99 56

Fabian Mahalingam, Managing Partner, Head of Business Development, SSP Sports

Phone: +41 78 768 18 10

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