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SSP signs Partnership Agreement with Shanghai Guo’ang Industrial-China State Cloud Fund.

SSP China President Mrs. Sylvie Lei Zhou (left) with Mrs. Xu, Chairman of Shanghai Guo’ang Industrial-China State Cloud Fund, witnessed by Mr Licheng Sun and senior officials

Shanghai, China, 1 July 2021

On the evening of June 25, the signing ceremony for cooperation between Jinan municipal government and Zhongqi Guoyun Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ("Zhongqi Guoyun"), Singapore SUNSEAP, Guoang Industrial, and Strategic Swiss Partners (SSP) was held in Long’ao Building.

Licheng Sun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, met with Henghai Wang, Chairman of Zhongqi Guoyun and his party, and jointly witnessed the signing.

During the meeting, Licheng Sun said that the current implementation of the major national strategy for ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, the accelerated construction of the starting area for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and the in-depth implementation of the strategy of strengthening the provincial capital have brought rare opportunities for Jinan to accelerate high-quality development.

Historical opportunities have also provided broad space for the majority of enterprises to develop in the economy. This signing marks a new step in Jinan's opening to the outside world and a new breakthrough. It is hoped that this will be an opportunity to attract more enterprises to participate in the construction and development of Jinan, so as to better achieve win-win cooperation and development.

Cooperation Agreement.

Shanghai Guo’ang Industry Co Ltd, China State Cloud Fund Management Co Ltd and Strategic Swiss Partners (SSP) intends to establish a (QFLP) foreign investment fund. The QFLP fund “Zongqi Guoyun (Jinan) Green Industry Equity Investment Fund, will be registered in Jinan Free Trade Zone Shandong Province and will mainly engage in investments related to digital culture, information technology, health care, green energy, culture tourism and other related industries. The QFLP fund Zongqi Guoyun (Jinan) Green Industry Equity Investment Fund will be treated as a local business entity, and the principal and investment earnings will be paid back to the home country of the foreign investors without any restrictions or further application.

Jinan / China
Zurich / Switzerland / Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce - SSP partners from right to left: Dr C. Béglé, Mr F. Sutter, G.R Mahalingam, Dr. M. Rodenstein, Mr M. Helbling, Dr M. Nawrath
Mr Felix Sutter President SCCC

At the event, Jinan municipal and Singapore's SUNSEAP Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement; Zhongqi Guoyun signed project cooperation agreements with Jinan High-tech Zone, Laiwu High-tech Zone, and Zhangqiu District; Zhongqi Guoyun signed a project cooperation agreement with Shanghai Guo’ang Industrial Co., Ltd., and Swiss SSP AG signed a tripartite strategic cooperation agreement. The signing of the above projects will further increase the city's foreign trade import and export volume, expand new channels for the use of foreign capital, and open up new areas of international financial cooperation.

About Shanghai Guo’ang Industry Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Guo’ang Industry Co Ltd. Is a wholly state-owned sole asset industry operation platform. The main task is to activate existing assets and promote corporate transformation through cooperation with large enterprises, local state-owned enterprise and various special government funds. The company is an important partner of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an international organization led by China and has priority participation and project recommendation rights and economic cooperation for projects authorization to be carried out at home and abroad.

About China State Cloud Fund Management Co. Ltd. State Cloud Energy Technology Ltd. Is a professional state-owned fund manager with a proved track record in fund raising and investing in Renewable Energy market. Incorporated by 3 of the top 5 State-owned energy companies and the trust branch of the China Construction Bank.

About Zhongi Guoyun.

Zhongqi Guoyun is an energy technology enterprise jointly initiated and established by a central enterprise investment institution. Its business covers four major sectors: smart energy and energy big data, hydrogen energy and energy storage, energy technology research, and energy financial services.

About SUNSEAP Group.

SUNSEAP Group is Singapore's largest photovoltaic solution provider, focusing on photovoltaic project setup, operation and maintenance, project investment, power retail and other businesses. Municipal leaders Xiaoguang Jiang and Qingzhong Yin participated in the event. Sources: (Chinese Version) (English Version) Video:

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