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Global Chinese Economic & Technology Summit: Technology connecting countries to benefit all

by David, Weige. SSP Executive Partner Marketing & PR

Global Chinese Economic & Technology Summit (GCETS) 2021

Penang, Malaysia - 16. December 2021

As the world recovers from the global pandemic, government, business and academic leaders from Malaysia, China, other Asia Pacific countries and Switzerland came together at the Global Chinese Economic & Technology Summit (GCETS) to share ideas about how to shape the future economic world in the years to come.

Disruptive technologies in the areas of health, energy, green technology to address climate change, and finance have connected our world seamlessly. With the increasing demands for technology innovation in an ever-evolving dynamic business environment; China has stood up to be at the forefront of state-of-the-art technology bridging businesses to reach people by delivering quality and fast IT solutions to a large market despite the current challenges of the pandemic which the world is currently facing. Technology played a crucial role in opening new and unique technology opportunities to help address the demands in every sector of the world’s economy, business supply chains being an example.

During the concluded Global Chinese Economic & Technology Summit held in Penang, Malaysia on December 16, 2021, guest speaker, Mr. Guna Mahalingam, Chairman of Strategic Swiss Partners, a boutique management and financial advisory firm based in Zurich, Switzerland, said, “New business trends, from disruptive innovations in technologies to health tech and sustainability, will take priority in the world economy today and will continue to open new business opportunities in the year to come.” Mahalingam added, “China is estimated to be the largest consumer economy today and the new growth area” emphasizing that China is the largest market in consumerism attracting global investors to shift its focus and tap its potential.

TAN SRI MICHAEL O.K. YEOH is President of the KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific, and a member of SSP Global Advisory Board.

The summit was co-organized by KSI Strategic Institute of Asia Pacific, lead by Dr. Tan Sri Dr. Michael O.K. Yeoh - Member of SSP Global Advisory Board, Organizing Chairman, World Chinese Economic & Technology Summit and President, KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific with attendees such as business leaders and government officials in forty-five countries. Dr. Michael O.K. Yeoh said in his speech,

China has emerged as a key leader in technological innovation far beyond its vision in the last 20 years. China has remained consistent and competitive in terms of developing self-made billionaires such as Wang Xing of Meituan, Colin Huang of Pinduoduo, Zhang Yiming of ByteDance echoing China’s vision to emerge as a key leader in IT wherein it has proven today by the number of China-based companies listed in the Fortune 500 surpassing the United States in 2020 where 124 companies based in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong as compared to the number of Chinese companies listed in Fortune 500 in the nineties.

Today, China is in discussion with its economic experts pursuing deregulation in its critical sectors in order to open its doors to global investors helping China thrive and grow its economy through flowing capital infusion to steer and drive its economy in full gear, starting with the youth sector inspiring and drawing skills, talent, and ideas exchange to strengthen the start-up sector and on one hand, the energy sector addressing climate change tapping the opportunities on solar and electric power which is relevant today.

China is optimistic about what it can offer to countries in the world in terms of digital technology opportunity by offering market access thereby boosting potential economic development. By reaching countries in different regions, China steering cooperation among countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries in the ASEAN region– the region aiming to be the key driver in technology would be a testament that cooperation of countries in the world is truly a game changer in achieving prosperity beyond barriers to collaboration.

Mr Felix Sutter, President of the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Member of SSP Global Advisory Board.

Mr. Felix Sutter, a member of the SSP Global Advisory Board and serves as the President of the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) in Zurich, Switzerland since 2015 said, “The GCET was a welcome opportunity to virtually link with China experts from different continents to discuss pressing challenges in these difficult times, while at the same maintain personal relationships that have been built over the past years, and even build relationships with newly known experts. And of course, we are all longing for the time to finally be able to physically get together again, exploring new opportunities in building economic bridges between the Asian and European continent.”

Question from Moderator

How can international companies like SSP assist Global Investors and Business Embrace New Opportunities in the New Growth Areas especially in China?

As Mr. Guna Mahalingam, Chairman of SSP, highlighted in the concluded summit that, “China is estimated to be the largest consumer economy today and the new growth area.

Over the next decade, it may add more consumption than any other country, and is expected to generate more than one-quarter of all global consumption growth.

Since Sept 23rd, 2021, SSP has secured a Qualified Foreign Limited Partner (QFLP) status in China in partnership with (SOE’s) State Owned Enterprises, Shandong Jinan Hi-Tech Holding Group, QFLP license holder (GP1) and Shanghai Guoang's Executive Partner and QFLP Fund Manager (GP2)

The QFLP status will grant accessibility for foreign professional investors keen in accessing and investing in China.”

For further information:

Fabian Mahalingam, Managing Partner,

Head of Business Development

Phone: +41 78 768 18 10

Sylvie Zhou, Managing Partner,

Head of Business Development (China)

Phone: +41 79 445 02 68


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