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UAE-based Fincasa Ventures invests $50m in healthcare tech MediSponsor.Inc

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 24 June 2020

Fincasa Ventures, a UAE based advisor to Multi-Royal-Family fund Houses has invested 50 million USD into MediSponsor.Inc - a USA incorporated company, which offers easy-to-use XAAS-based innovative yet Integrated Healthcare Cloud CRM solution along with payment gateway.

Along with Fincasa Ventures, Strategic Swiss Partners AG (SSP), a leading boutique management and financial advisory firm based in Zurich, will also be part of this collaboration to enhance business development for MediSponsor.

Varis Sayed, Founder and CEO of Fincasa Ventures said, "MediSponsor is an upcoming player in the start-up industry which will bring value proposition on the COVID-19 pandemic through its Visual Analytics technology as well as impact in healthcare service delivery."

This investment would enable MediSponsor to capitalise and position the company in the healthcare sector of Africa, Middle East, South America and South Asia through care model innovation and digital market transformation.

L-R (Dr.Nilesh Patil - MediSponsor Co-Founder, Mr.Varis Sayed – Fincasa Founder CEO, Mr.Rahul Pawar - MediSponsor Founder & CEO and Dr.Roshan Patil - MediSponsor Co-Founder

(L-R) Dr. Nilesh Patil, MediSponsor Co-Founder, Varis Sayed, Fincasa Founder CEO, Rahul Pawar, MediSponsor Founder & CEO, and Dr. Roshan Patil, MediSponsor Co-Founder

Rahul Pawar, Founder and CEO of MediSponsor said, "Fincasa Ventures investment along with the strategic partnership of SSP will help us scale up and expand in global markets. We at MediSponsor, endeavour to integrate the fragmented global healthcare ecosystem, spread across multiple countries and continents, into a singular digital platform to ensure seamless flow of our bouquet of innovative offerings.”

MediSponsor delivers services into three segments – cognitive, care and cure through its proprietary XAAS platform. Through this investment, the company aims to introduce innovative solutions as TraCovid IT Solution (a contact tracing application), Hospital Management Information System, Augmented Glasses with inbuilt thermal and facial recognition system that will not only enhance the healthcare industry in the country, but also serve as a key essential for government organisations and retail sector.

The headquarter in Dubai gives the company a world-class business environment for speedy growth. This investment along with strategic partnership will help MediSponsor to achieve its vision of being the most valued brand in Healthcare Technology.


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