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The largest photovoltaic power plant in Poland will be built in the Wielkopolska province

WARSAW, Poland, 4. September 2019

The project to build the largest photovoltaic power plant in Poland has been launched. It will be the first installation of such a dimension in Central Europe and one of the largest in Europe. Its total generation capacity will amount to 600 MW, which will result in the production of electricity at the level of 630 000 MWh annually. The construction of the power plant is planned in the eastern part of Wielkopolska, on land degraded by mining activities. The project is intended to be carried out with the involvement of China Sinogy Electric Engineering (CSEEC) and its partner Strategic Swiss Partners AG from Zurich/Switzerland (SSP).

Today in Warsaw, the agreement was signed, which will result in the creation of the largest power plant in Poland and Central Europe producing electricity from solar energy. The power plant will be built in the region of Wielkopolska. Ultimately, the four-stage planned investment will be responsible for the production of approximately 3% of the energy generated from RES in Poland. Due to the generation capacity and the possibility of effective energy production during the summer, the power plant will have a significant impact on the capacity of the Polish power system in the period of increased demand for electricity.

The parties to the agreement are: Energia Przykona from the portfolio of the NeoInvestments Group, which is responsible for project development, and CSEEC - a Chinese state-owned company that undertakes power generation project and turnkey EPC contracts for international clients, from design to commissioning, with their partner SSP.

Poland and Europe must generate more and more energy from renewable sources in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Solar power plants are an important part of the energy system. Hardly any other way of generating electricity responds to the challenges of climate change. A photovoltaic farm produces clean energy. Especially during the summer, it can produce more of it, relieving the load on conventional power plants. The latter can thus reduce the water consumption needed to cool the plant. The whole system and the environment benefit from the symbiosis of different technologies of generating energy - says Jacek Rusiecki, Member of the Management Board of Energia Przykona sp. z o.o.

Mr. Rusiecki added, that the location in the eastern part of Wielkopolska is exceptionally favourable for the solar power plants. The vicinity of Przykona is slowly becoming a "photovoltaic hub" in Poland. The project will significantly contribute to strengthening this position of the region.

The project impact on the country and region

The project of Energy Przykona photovoltaic power plants will contribute significantly to the support of implementation of Poland's accession commitments under the Polish Energy Policy until 2030. It will also have a major impact on the achievement of the objectives of the “Europe 2020” Strategy. This is a programme that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, 20% of the energy in the old continent is to come from renewable sources. The energy efficiency of our country is also to increase by 20%.

At the same time, this investment is very important for the province, the district and the commune, not only because of tax revenues. - This investment will primarily create a significant number of jobs. The jobs created will promote occupations, that will have high value in the future, because they will correspond to new technologies. And not only in terms of PVC panels or accompanying infrastructure, but also in the area of software used for technical support and optimization of electricity production, transmission and sale, in protection of the environment – underlines Jacek Rusiecki.

Project Team - Partners CSEEC / SSP , Neo investment , Przykona Energy

CSEEC / SSP and Neo Investments will arrange resources for this investment. Under the agreement, CSEEC / SSP will be responsible for the technology and erection of the renewable project as well as the successful commissioning of solar farm within the vicinity of its location.

Energia Przykona Power plants complex

First two phases of the project already have secured land rights and a positive environmental decision. They are part of the Local Development Plan adopted by the local authorities. The conclusion of the agreement on the connection of an installation to the electricity grid for the first phase is planned for October 2019. The developer expects to obtain a building permission for the first phase of construction at the beginning of 2020.

As the representatives of Przykona Energy emphasize, the location of the farm is of importance for this region and for the entire power system in Poland.

- Our project is located on land degraded by mining activities, which resulted in a significant reduction of groundwater. At the same time, these areas are surrounded by infrastructure that ensures the transmission and use of the power generated by the power plant from solar energy. This is the best way to use the potential of this area, providing numerous benefits from both economic and ecological perspective - emphasises Jacek Rusiecki from Energia Przykona.

Ultimately, Energia Przykona is also planning to equip photovoltaic power plants that are part of the energy storage project, allowing for more stable and foreseeable functioning of these installations.

About partners of the project:

NeoInvestments is a company operating in the private equity fund model. Since 1993, it has been investing in new, developing areas of the economy and dealing with the implementation of business processes for the largest Polish and international corporations. Currently, the company operates in five areas: widely understood outsourcing of marketing services, e-commerce services, commercial and residential real estate, RES energy and agricultural properties. NeoInvestments has been involved in wind energy since 2004, in the production of energy from landfill biogas since 2014 and in photovoltaics and energy storage since 2015. NeoInvestments portfolio companies are among others: OEX Business Services, Real Management, Neo Energy and Fundusz Areal.

Energia Przykona is a special purpose company established by Neo Energy (Neo Investments portfolio company). Energia Przykona is the owner of one of the largest photovoltaic farms in our part of Europe, planned to be built in the Wielkopolska province (Przykona commune). The planned investment will be made in areas degraded by mining activities. The farm construction project will include the necessary electrotechnical infrastructure and access roads. The PV farm, which is the result of this project, will become the largest photovoltaic installation in Central Europe. The Przykona Energy Company plans to develop other large format photovoltaic projects in other regions of Poland.

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