SSP presents its many innovative engagements at the Middle East Family Office Investment Summit

Fabian Mahalingam, Executive Partner and Head of Business Development and Benedikt Rieger, Partner and Senior Relationship Manager

The summit was exclusively organised by Family Office for family offices in the Middle-East and was attended by an unprecedented number of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) families.

Among the summit delegates who were extended exclusive invitations were members of royal families, family offices and members of foundations, all of whom gained insight on a variety of topics and investment opportunities presented at the summit by expert speakers.

Among the topics and investment opportunities highlighted were new and advanced technologies in a number of diversified industries and emerging sectors.

Sara L. Isbell, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder & President of Mercaptor Discoveries introducing Mercaptor Discoveries.

These included healthcare specifically brain health, AI and robotics, as well as digital gaming e-sports, block chain and geopolitics.

As Investment Summit partner, SSP took the opportunity to present some of its own innovative projects as well.

Sara L. Isbell, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder & President of Mercaptor Discoveries introduced the company to delegates on day one of the summit.

Mercaptor Discoveries’ founding management team Dr. Todd Zankel, Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder & Director of Mercaptor Discoveries Inc. has a track record for developing successful biotech companies from the ground up, including Raptor Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: RPTP) in 2006.

Raptor was purchased by Horizon Pharma (Nasdaq: HZNP) in 2016 for $860 mil.

Mercaptor has developed a range of novel molecules called Captons®. Captons are designed to provide protection against the progression of acute brain injuries from concussions, epilepsy and stroke, along with chronic neurodegenerative diseases like ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

The Capton approach enables the production of therapeutic properties at the site of damage, localising treatment, and leaving healthy brain tissue untouched.

The Investment Summit concluded on the second day with prominent family offices and senior investment professionals from the GCC attending an SSP/Mercaptor private roundtable discussion together with Sara, Todd and Carol Barrow, V.P. of Public Relations & Communications at Mercaptor.

The SSP team was represented by Guna R. Mahalingam, Founder & CEO; Fabian Mahalingam, Executive Partner and Head of Business Development; as well as Benedikt Rieger, Partner and Senior Relationship Manager.

Delegate's feedback

Priscilla Camelia, from the private office of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum UAE, said, "This Investment summit creates a good network of people, who are interested in the region.

"To us as a family business, it opens this spectrum with funds and venture capitalists.

"It is no longer about someone trying to reach out to us, we are meeting them in person."

The Middle East Family Office Investment Summit was organised by Alea Global Group and held at the Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts at Jumeriah Beach Dubai UAE.

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