SSP introduces its Healthcare and Life Science team

Strategic Swiss Partners AG takes great pride in announcing its lineup of global experts that will make up its prestigious Healthcare and Life Science team.

The team, headed by Dr Urs Lustenberger, will comprise of renown global experts in the key areas of operations, transactions and healthcare.

Each member of the team has a keen understanding of the unique nature of the industry, and years of experience across multiple segments of healthcare.

They bring industry knowledge, comprehensive networks, and expertise that help companies grow, create jobs, and deliver high-quality healthcare to more and more people.

The team also functions as a definitive resource for healthcare private equity investing.

Speaking about the SSP healthcare team, Guna Mahalingam, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Swiss Partners said, "These appointments recognise some of the most senior professionals and acknowledge their commitment to our organisation, people, culture and values.

“We congratulate and welcome all of them and look forward to their support, strong performance, contributions and leadership in the years ahead,” he added.


Managing Partner, Global Head Healthcare at Strategic Swiss Partners

Urs is founder and chairman of PRIMECON “Private Medical Concierge”, that works with leading medical clinics in Germany and Switzerland.

He is the long-serving president of the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce that offers consultation services to several governmental, legal and economic councils.

He also speaks at numerous governmental and legal conferences on Asia-Pacific business and delivers presentations on international commercial arbitration in Asia and Europe.

Urs is a partner at Lustenberger Attorneys at Law where his main area of practice is International Commercial Arbitration and Litigation, Competition Law, Trust and Estates Law, General Corporate Law, Real Estate and Insolvency Law.


Senior Partner - Global Healthcare and Life Sciences

Juliet has over 25 years' experience in the life sciences and medical industries. As an experienced CEO/founder, she has raised significant funding for start-up ventures.

She is currently associated with a number of global investor groups and is among the key decision makers for investments in a variety of areas including pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices/diagnostics, healthcare IT and genomics.

Having studied endocrinology, Juliet started her career with Genentech. She then joined Baxter Healthcare and led the global regulatory approval for rFactor VIII, one of the first biotech products on the market. Juliet then joined Allergan and led the regulatory approval for Botox.

Juliet was corporate officer with Collateral Therapeutics, acquired by Schering AG before becoming CEO/founder of a pharmaceutical company which she took public. Juliet has global access to investors and deal flows and serves on a number of boards.


Partner, Strategy & Concept

Karin has over 25 years of strategic experience in global healthcare, life sciences and the strategy consulting industry with clients in government, services, life sciences and consumer health.

As global marketing director, she oversees business strategies, brand positioning, portfolio management, product development and market access studies in the Americas, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Her teams have successfully taken a number of products from development stage to number one position in highly competitive markets.

Karin is Dutch and lives in Malaysia. She holds a PhD in pharmacy (with business economics) and a Masters in marketing.


Partner, Life Science

Coert is a medical doctor and contributes to Strategic Swiss Partners in the area of life sciences. He has 18 years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry as marketing director and general manager, working in close collaboration with various departments such as R&D, Q&A and manufacturing.

Apart from the professional medical market, he also has extensive experience in the consumer healthcare segment. As a consultant, he has carried out several business development projects, including market analysis for natural substances, feasibility studies for medical devices and probiotic cleaning.

He is financially oriented and has brilliant feasibility studies and marketing strategies. He holds an MBA in general management and lives in Malaysia.


Partner, FMCG

Gulnara is responsible for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), pharmaceuticals, investment banking and business development at Strategic Swiss Partners.

Working in a number of senior executive positions, she has over 35 years of government and international industrial experience in FMCG, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and finance in various blue chip companies like BAT, Pfizer, Baxter and Ansher Int.


Partner – Investment Banking

Ram is a healthcare investment banker with expertise in corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions and management buyouts. He advises the board of directors in healthcare businesses and has a passion to serve as a non-executive director in corporate healthcare.

His expertise includes identifying synergies and value creation as well as conducting negotiations and integration. He also has expertise in raising capital through Debt and Equity. Ram is well connected with institutional investors in the MENA region. He was an Executive Committee member cum Director of Business & Strategy at Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai and was involved in various business initiatives and revenue enhancement activities.


Global Advisory Board - Healthcare

Heli has an MD degree from the University of Turku, Finland and a Diploma of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from Liverpool University. She is a member of the Global Advisory Board UK.

She has worked in Finland and Senegal and been part of the research team in the American Health Foundation in New York, USA.

From 1985 to 2012, she worked at the WHO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland where she coordinated research studies on reproductive health, involving about 50 countries. She was also in charge of research capacity strengthening and technical support on programme development.

She has been director of Knowledge Management and Sharing in the Geneva Foundation of Medical Education and Research since 2012. She specialises in online training courses for health personnel across the world including training on m-Health.


Global Advisory Board - Healthcare

Hans is professor titularis of surgery with a Masters in Applied Ethics, and a member on the Global Advisory Board of Strategic Swiss Partners.

He is an HPB surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur, and founder of Baermed Bauchmedizin AG (Abdominal Medicine Ltd). Baermed is a well-established independent private medical provider offering services with a special interest in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. The company was founded in 1999 and offers its clinical services as a surgical centre of excellence at the Hirslanden Hospital in Zürich, one of the leading Swiss Private Hospital Groups.

In 2018, Hans joined a prestigious group of abdominal surgeons of excellence at Surgical Centre Zurich. He has performed over 16,000 surgical procedures in complex hepatobiliary, as well as oncological and minimal invasive surgery. He has published over 120 original scientific, surgical and ethical papers.

In 2010, Hans became international director of the Tarumanagara Human Cell Technologies laboratory, a modern research laboratory specialising in tissue engineering, cell processing, material sciences and matrix development. It is a joint venture with Tarumanagara University in Jakarta, the Gading Pluit Private Hospital Group in Jakarta and Baermed, Zürich, Switzerland.

He has successfully written clinical trials and investigators' brochures for preclinical laboratory investigations, animal investigations and phase I and II clinical studies in the field of tissue engineering technology. Hans and Baermed hold the intellectual property rights and Standard Operational Procedures of various cell matrix projects.

Hans (Colonel Swiss Armed Forces retired) was Director and Commander of the International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM) Reference Centre of Education of International Humanitarian Law and Ethics in Zurich, Switzerland that conducted courses on military medical ethics and the Law of Armed Conflict for military doctors. These courses were established internationally in five countries.

He holds a degree in Applied Ethics with a special interest in military medical-ethical matters and ethics related to clinical studies. In 2014, Hans established a remuneration system for private medical care providers with some of the most important Swiss insurance companies.

Strategic Swiss Partners AG is excited to venture ahead with this powerful team of experts and look forward to making great headway in healthcare and life sciences in the years to come.

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