SSP hosts meeting with Project Founders of Dr. Online at Strategic Swiss Partners’ office in Zurich

SWITZERLAND - September 13, 2017 Strategic Swiss Partners hosted a meeting with the founders of Project Dr. Online headed by Dr. Wong Tat Loong and Associated Partners at SSP’s office located at Bahnhofstrasse 10, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland.

Subject: Dr. Online Platform Presentation

Attended by:

Dr. Online TEAM: Dr. Wong Tat Loong, Group CEO Mr. Leon Chua, Group CTO Mr. Robert Pan, Group COO

Dr . Pascal Buschor, Managing Director – Edmund De Rothschild Asset Management AG Mr. Vincenzo Braiotta, Executive Director - Grant Thornton Advisory AG

Mr. Guna Mahalingam, Founder & CEO) Dr. Urs Lustenberger, Managing Partner, Global Head Healthcare Dr. Heli Bathija, Member of the Global Advisory Board - Healthcare Dr. Sham Bathija, Member of the Global Advisory Board Mr. Gregor Bienz, Managing Partner, Global Head Banking & Finance Mr. Ralph Jelinski, Managing Partner, COO Mr. Franz Zeller, Managing Partner, Hospitality Dato Hisham, Partner Investments Datin Maznah, Partner Finance & Investments Mr. Florian Wegmann, Partner, Private Equity Mr. Fabian Mahalingam, Partner, Executive Management

Dr. Online Platform is an online medical services platform which will be developed and launched to provide face to face consultation between patients and doctors via computers or smartphones.

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