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Business leaders and investors join forces on a new platform to activate and realize new and existin

Lake of Zurich

Switzerland, December 1, 2016

Twenty-two business leaders and advisors announce today the formation of Strategic Swiss Partners - SSP, a network of seasoned high achievers coming together to activate and realize new and existing business opportunities. SSP connects individual and groups of investors with solid investment opportunities, and business development with a broad portfolio of turnkey solutions, as well as pooled and established resources, across multiple sectors. The group will be headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Malaysia and the UAE

Engaging at the highest levels

Strategic Swiss Partners, through its network is engaging at the highest levels, and delivers projects and solid results, activating and accelerating delivery from green field projects to established corporates.

SSP assists governments and business leaders to succeed by translating sound understanding of existing and new growth markets, trends and developments into execution of projects and solutions that meet needs and strong demand, and deliver enhanced value to all stakeholders.

SSP managing partners have put together a group of highly engaging C-Suite level entrepreneurs with proven track record in driving successful businesses and ventures.

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