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SSP China


Sylvie Zhou

President SSP China

Mrs. Sylvie Zhou is member of the Executive Board at Strategic Swiss Partners AG and represents SSP as President of SSP China.
Mrs. Zhou is co-founder of SSP China – Gu Ruilai Consulting Management Co Ltd and Executive Board Member of the Investment committee for the SSP QFLP Fund in China.
Growing up in Shanghai, Mrs. Zhou has later been living and working for over 20 years in Europe. Studying in Switzerland for several years she accomplished her bachelor in hotel management at the Les Roches hotel management school in Lausanne and her traditional Chinese background combined with strong pioneering, entrepreneurship spirit led her to invest in her own gastronomy business in the French part of Switzerland. Mrs. Zhou has built many years of investment experience in various industries and her focus lays in the promotion of cooperation's and technical exchanges between China and Switzerland, especially in the medical & life science, elderly care sector and Sports. Nevertheless, her passion for charity and interpersonal, human connection always plays a major role in all her project selection.


Albert Li

General Manager, SSP China

SSP China

Mr. Albert Li is a team member of SSP Sports China. He holds a master’s in project management and a BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Macau and is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Currently based in Shanghai as Senior Manager at Pradera Retail Asia, providing Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) fund and asset management services, Mr. Li has over 16 years of professional experience as asset management executive with a successful track record across China’s premier cities, managing numerous mega projects in various markets. Earlier in his career, as real estate developer, Mr. Li was in charge of commercial projects, including commercial office, retails mall and high-end residences.


Matthew Wei

Senior Project Manager, SSP China

SSP China

Mr. Matthew Wei is a team member of SSP Sports China. He holds a Bachelor of Architect from Hebei University of Engineering and a Master of Real Estate from Peking University. Mr. Wei is diversely a seasoned architect, hotel executive, film producer and fund manager. Prior to founding and heading Weisilande, a company investing and developing films in mainland China, Mr. Wei has over 20 years significant involvement in the fund management industry. During his first stage of career Mr. Wei was leading investment teams of listed central state-owned companies, heading real estate developments and investments in major cities across China. Later he took over the CEO function at Husa Fenix China to oversee the hotel investments and management in the PRC and at Ideal International Holding Group, a leading diversity investment company headquartered in Hangzhou.




Cliff Bura


Cliff Bura is the founder and CEO of Diesel Gym London, one of the UK’s largest and most established Mixed Martial Arts Centres. Mr. Bura has been involved in combat sports since childhood, making his way to becoming a highly respected muay thai coach training many international fighters and world champions. He subsequently got involved in MMA from its early inceptions in Europe, opening Diesel Gym as one of the pioneering full time MMA gyms in the UK. In 2018, Mr. Bura became involved with the innovative boxing startup brand Sparbar. Utilising his energy and industry knowledge Sparbar has enjoyed a meteoric rise in global brand recognition and with a presence in most combat gyms around the world as well as migrating in to the high street gym outlets and people’s homes. The Sparbar can be seen being used by many high profile combat athletes from Anthony Joshua to Connor MacGregor as well as making their way in to celebrity home gyms such as Kevin Hart. In 2021 Mr. Bura launched his own clothing brand, DG Fightwear. Mr. Bura not only brings a deep knowledge and experience in the combat sports arena but also a large network of key players and influencers in the industry.

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